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Appointment of Schaffer & Company Wealth Preservation as executor or personal representative assures that your instructions will be carried out and your beneficiaries will receive expert personal attention throughout the administration of your estate.

The Role of the Executor or Personal Representative

An executor or personal representative is charged with the responsibility of settling an estate, including:

  • Collecting and valuing assets;
  • Paying debts, expenses and taxes;
  • Preparation of the estate tax return;
  • Distributing property according to the instruction in your will.

Above all, the executor or personal representative is responsible for managing the estate so that the interests of both the immediate and future beneficiaries are served.

The Schaffer & Company Wealth Preservation Estate Settlement staff represents the highest quality skill in managing the most complicated of estates. Our administrators, investment management experts, and tax specialists have built and sustained our reputation for accurate, efficient estate settlement. When Schaffer Trust & Capital Management settles an estate, our professionals are the primary contacts for beneficiaries, attorneys, and other individuals interested in the estate.

Our technical abilities are equaled by the ongoing personal attention and concern we bring to each estate under our care. We realize that our responsibilities include acting as a resource to those unfamiliar with complicated settlement procedures. Family members can count on us to listen carefully, provide accurate explanations of all proceedings and be present every step of the way as special arrangements are made and carried out. And if necessary we stand ready to assist beneficiaries in revision of their own financial plans once estate assets have been settled.

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