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The Living Trust

A trust that you create and that operates during your lifetime is known as a living trust. With a living trust, you specify precisely how your assets are to be managed throughout your life, for your benefit or for the benefit of others you designate.

A living trust is a very personal, very tailored legal agreement that you design with your attorney and Schaffer & Company Wealth Preservation. It gives you the resources to manage your assets to their potential. And it relieves you of any financial duties you might consider burdensome.

Your trust can be crafted in any number of ways to accomplish your objectives. For instance, it can be designed to:

* Assure management of your assets for your lifetime benefit,
* Ensure that your spouse will continue to live in his or her accustomed fashion,
* Protect the financial interests of your children,
* Support loved ones who are disabled or elderly, or
* Provide for other concerns of special importance to you.

You have nearly unlimited discretion in establishing trust provisions. You can choose to serve as trustee of your assets, naming Schaffer & Company Asset Management, Inc. as your successor in the event of your incapacity, death, or resignation. Or, you can elect Schaffer & Company Asset Management, Inc. as your trustee immediately. Moreover, depending on your arrangement, the trust can be altered or terminated upon your instruction.

If you wish to provide sound management for your assets, but desire the freedom to pursue other interests, consider naming Schaffer & Company Wealth Preservation as your trustee. We will administer your assets for your benefit during your lifetime and for the benefit of your heirs thereafter.

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