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Listing with your Real Estate Firm

When you list with a real estate firm you sign a contract called a listing agreement. A listing agreement is the contract, which states you have hired a real estate firm to find a buyer that is ready, willing and able in exchange for a set fee.

There are three types of listing agreements:

  • Exclusive right-to-sell agreement - You pay the fee regardless of who comes up with a buyer. The fee you pay covers many of the important services that the real estate firm provides above and beyond finding the qualified buyer.
  • Exclusive-agency listing - If you find a buyer he/she is not obligated to pay the fee. If the real estate agent finds a buyer the fee is then paid to the real estate company.
  • Open listing - You sign with several real estate firms giving each authority to sell your home. It is often less effective as the sales professional lacks the incentive to make an all out effort to sell your home.

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