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Enhancing the Value of your Home

As the homeowner you play an important part in the sale of your home, you may take the following steps to enhance your home for the best possible price.

  • First Impression – A manicured lawn, trimmed shrubs and clutter-free yard are top prospects. A fresh coat of paint or scrubbing the front door area or porches is helpful. In autumn raking leaves, or in winter shoveling snow, the fewer obstacles the prospective buyer comes across the better.
  • Remodeling can make your home more valuable as well as livable. Although you may not yield a dollar for dollar return when you sell your home. Keep the value of your home within a 15-20% range of others in the neighborhood. Buyers who can afford higher priced homes will shop for them. Consider what buyers look for in a home, when remolding keep colors neutral and pay attention to mass appeal, avoid wild colors, bold patterns and schemes built around out of date hues.
  • Interior Clean up – Clean up clutter in the living room, bathroom or kitchen. Bathrooms should shine, check and repair and damaged caulking in the tub and showers. Also include scrubbing and touch ups if woodwork is scuffed or fading. Fresh wallpaper adds charm and value to your property, best to show how great your home already looks than how it could look "with a little work".
  • Check on Faucets and Light Bulbs – Check on leaky faucets and burned out light bulbs that leave prospective buyers in the dark. Let the sun shine in, pull back drapes and curtains so prospects can see your home.
  • Make room for space – Potential buyers are looking for more than a comfortable place to live, they are also looking for storage space too, make sure attic and basement are free of unnecessary items. Organizing closet space makes closet appear larger and more appealing.
  • Watch your pets – Dogs and cats are great companions, but NOT when showing your home. Do everyone a favor and keep dogs or cats outdoors or out of the way.

In just a few hours you can play an important part in the timely sale of your property and your real estate agent will have an easier time selling your home, you will appreciate the results!

Pricing your home

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