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Pricing Your Home Right

How much equity do you have to work with? These are factors to consider:

When beginning the process of buying your first home your real estate agent can guide you though the positive and negatives of renting –vs.- buying. A simple evaluation can help you decide if you can be financially or personally ready to invest in homeownership.

Before setting an asking price on your home we will help you to complete a Home Market Analysis. This analysis gives us an opportunity to review and evaluate the facts with you prior to making that very important decision, the asking price of your home.

If you would like to sell quickly, your home should be listed on the lower end of the range we determine. On the flip side you may be in no hurry to sell and interested in obtaining a maximum equity from the sale. Remember ultimately the decision is up to the buyer who will determine the price.

The market analysis will determine:

  • What is currently happening in the local real estate market at this time.
  • What the buyer is willing to pay for homes similar to your home.
  • What they will not pay.
  • Which homes will be competing with yours for buyer's attention.

By using this process we will have established a realistic listing price and increase the percentage of qualified buyers who will look at your home.

Gathering facts for your listing

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