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Gathering the Facts

Having the answers for your prospective buyer is a powerful sales tool. Your real estate agent will use the information you provide to answer questions, create an advantageous listing and to devise a exciting campaign to attract the right kind of buyer for your home.

You can help your real estate agent by providing the following information:

  • A legal description of your property
  • The number of rooms you have and the size of each room
  • A list of unattached items that you are offering for sale such as window treatments, fixtures, swing sets etc…
  • Copies of past utility bills, property taxes and insurance
  • Information about your mortgage that include the type of mortgage, terms and assumability
  • Financing assistance, through your lender
  • If there are any outstanding liens against the property
  • If you live in a townhouse or condominium include a copy of your association's bylaws and statements including monthly fees and any special assessments
  • Point out special items that may not be readily apparent to the real estate agent such as improvements
  • Note positive points regarding your area such as distances to mall, grocery stores, schools, medical facilities, etc.
  • Inform your real estate agent of any known defects in your home or property, so the buyer can be informed

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