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Our Commitment to Privacy

Gregory L. Schaffer & Company is in the business of confidentiality and has always been committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal information about our current and prospective customers. We are proud of our privacy practices and want you to know how we protect this information and use it to service your account.

Please take a moment and review this privacy policy and if you have any questions or concerns, we will address your specific needs in all situations as long it complies with the law.

The privacy policies of Gregory L. Schaffer & Company are reviewed quarterly. Our printed and online policy is then updated to reflect any material changes. You do not have to contact us to automatically have our privacy protections; they apply immediately to all of our customers.

Gregory L. Schaffer & Company Privacy Policy

How and Why We Obtain Personal Information

Gregory L. Schaffer & Company uses personal information about you to provide you with the superior service you expect from us. We may use this information to develop, offer, and deliver products and services; process transactions in your account; respond to inquiries from you or your representative; or to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements. Gregory L. Schaffer & Company may collect public and nonpublic personal information about you from any of the following sources:

  • You or your representative on applications or forms (for example, name, address, Social Security number, birth date, assets and income)
  • Transactional activity in your account (for example, payments, charges and balances)
  • Other interactions with Gregory L. Schaffer & Company (for example, discussions with our customer service staff in our various companies internally only)
  • Information services and consumer reporting agencies (for example, to verify your identity, to assess your creditworthiness or to better understand your product and service needs)
  • You or your representative regarding your preferences (for example, paper statements vs. electronic statements, or billing issue preference)
  • Other sources with your consent or with the consent of your representative (for example, from other institutions if you transfer your business into Gregory L. Schaffer & Company)

How We Protect Your Information

Gregory L. Schaffer & Company has always considered the protection of sensitive information to be a foundation of customer trust and a sound business practice. We employ extensive physical, electronic and procedural controls and we regularly adapt these controls to respond to changing requirements and advances in technology.

Within Gregory L. Schaffer & Company and among our service providers, we restrict access to personal information to those who require it to provide products and services to you. We may share the personal information that we collect with the following entities:

  • Affiliates, including affiliated service providers (for example, our data processing company and printing operation)
  • Unaffiliated service providers (for example, fulfillment companies and securities clearing houses)
  • Government agencies, other regulatory bodies and law enforcement officials (for example, for tax purposes or for reporting suspicious transactions)
  • Other organizations, with your consent or as directed by your representative (for example, if you use Gregory L. Schaffer & Company as a financial reference in applying for credit with another institution)
  • Other organizations, as permitted by law (for example, for fraud prevention)

Privacy Online

Privacy, security and service in our online operations are just as critical as in the rest of our business. We therefore employ all of the safeguards described above, along with the following Internet-specific practices.

Gregory L. Schaffer & Company uses a variety of proven protections to maintain the security of your online session. For example, we make extensive use of firewalls, encryption techniques and authentication user ids and passwords.

Your Connection to Gregory L. Schaffer & Company

You may interact with us in various ways, and when you do, we may exchange information with parties in addition to those described above. For example, if you conduct business with Gregory L. Schaffer & Company through your employer or investment professional, we may exchange the information we collect with them or with others at their direction. If we provide services to you on behalf of your employer, we may collect and exchange information such as payroll, banking and insurance data, in addition to the information listed above. Information collected from investment professionals' customers is not shared with Gregory L. Schaffer & Company affiliates for marketing purposes, except with the consent of the investment professional or the customer.

If you interact with Gregory L. Schaffer & Company directly as an individual investor, we may exchange information about you, as described above, with our affiliates to offer Gregory L. Schaffer & Company products and services. We may also share this individual investor information, under joint marketing agreements with non-affiliated, financial services business partners to offer discounts or other special access to products and services.

If you transact business through Gregory L. Schaffer & Company's life insurance companies, we may validate and obtain information about you from an insurance support organization. The insurance support organization may further share your information with other insurers, as permitted by law.

If you are a former customer, we treat your information in the same manner as that of current customers.

The Gregory L. Schaffer & Company Privacy Policy is provided on behalf of: Gregory L. Schaffer, Schaffer & Company Financial Services, The Gregory L. Schaffer Insurance Agency, Schaffer & Company Asset Management, Inc., Gregory L. Schaffer Realty Company, The Schaffer Mortgage Company, The Schaffer Automotive Group, Schaffer Accounting & Tax Services, The Gregory L. Schaffer Entrepreneurial Group.


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